Where Are You Now My Son?

I just happened to hear this and thought it would make an appropriate post here. I am sure Dave would approve and I imagine he had heard the piece before.

From Song Facts:

“Where Are You Now, My Son?”, the title track of the album, runs to twenty-two minutes, taking up the whole of side one. It is more than a song, is spoken as well as sung, and includes actual recordings of the war, from the massive Christmas bombing raids on Hanoi. It was produced by Baez and Norbert Putnam.

Billboard described the title track as “a frighteningly uncomfortable poem-narrative”. The May 12, 1973 issue of that magazine contains a full page advertisement, which it says “chronicles a major chapter in the life and work of Joan Baez.” Sadly, though the Vietnam War is long over, her message remains unheeded, and probably will for as long as man exists in his present form.

Release date: March 1973
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