Audio 2007

The Radio First Termer Show (2007 restored in 2009)

My first experience with this broadcast was a raspy, almost inaudible version from a cassette that I listened to while driving across the US about 15 years ago. Ever since that first listening I have always thought how wonderful it would be to replace the music portions of this “mind blowing” experience with high quality, get you out of your seat, versions of the same songs.

The 2009 restored files presented here are just that. Luckily for me a much higher quality broadcast surfaced from Dave Rabbit’s website in 2007. Using these files I started the Radio First Termer Restoration Project. The finished files on this page are a remixed version of the original broadcast (cleaned and de-noised) embedded with full quality editions of the original songs Dave played back in 1971. The files are separated into three parts in order to fit on a standard audio CD. You can listen to them streaming on this website or you can download them and listen at your leisure. There are download links for both an .mp3 version and for a loss less version if you want to rip them to CD for a full audio, “blow the mother fucker out of the next room” experience.

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Part One 76 minutes
Download lossless Part One 403MB [Radio First Termer Pt1 (2009)]

1 Blood Rock Blood Rock 2 Double Cross
2 Santana Santana Evil Ways
3 Cream Wheels of Fire White Room
4 Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Green Eyed Lady
6 Cactus Cactus Soul Experience
7 Iron Butterfly Soul Experience The James Gang Rides Again
8 The James Gang Funk #49 Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover
9 Three Dog Night Around the world with Three Dog Night Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
10 Steppenwolf The Pusher The Pusher
11 JimiĀ  Hendrix Are You Experienced Fire
12 Buddy Miles Them Changes Them Changes
13 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I Good Times Bad Times
14 Spencer Davis Group I’m A Man I’m A Man
15 The Byrds Fifth Dimension Eight Miles High
16 Beatles Revolver Taxman
17 Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield For What It’s Worth

Part Two 61 minutes
Download lossless Part One 345MB [Radio First Termer Pt2 (2009)]

1 Vanilla Fudge Murray The K Presents You Keep Me Hangin’ On
2 Eric Burton and Animals Twain Shall Meet Monterey
3 Love Love My Flash on You
4 Who Tommy Overture
5 Three Dog Night It Ain\’92t Easy Rock and Roll Widow
6 Blood Rock Blood Rock 2 DOA
7 James Gang Yer Album Stop
8 Cactus Cactus Feel So Good
9 Who Tommy See Me, Feel Me
10 Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced Purple Haze
11 Steppenwolf Steppenwolff The Second Don’t Step on the grass, Sam
12 Three Dog Night Three Dog Night Chest Fever

Part Three 41 minutes
Download lossless Part One 416MB [Radio First Termer Pt3 (2009)]

1 Sugarloaf Sugarloaf West of Tomorrow
2 Jimi Hendrix Are You Experienced Fire
3 Blood Rock Blood Rock Gotta Find A way
4 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II Whole Lotta Love
5 Santana Santana Soul Sacrifice
6 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II Heartbreaker
8 Donovan The Hurdy Gurdy Man The Hurdy Gurdy Man
9 Steppenwolff Steppenwolff Born To Be Wild